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PlexxusAI™ revolutionizes care for your pharmacy members by leveraging advanced technologies – Generative AI, speech recognition, and mobile – along with the scalability of the gig economy and on-demand access to thousands of pre-vetted and credentialed providers. Its human-like interface delivers intelligent high-touch health assessments to close critical intervention gaps without additional resource demands, resulting in:
  • Enhanced Star ratings and compliance
  • Elevated medication adherence
  • Comprehensive care management
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved member satisfaction
PlexxusAI intelligently organizes information on care and medication adherence gaps, MTM services, and health assessments in an integrated 360-degree view by priority and stakeholder, allowing for targeted engagement. It then initiates thousands of simultaneous calls to members, verifying their identity, conducting the appropriate assessments and automatically routing the case to the proper workflow queue for any necessary follow up based on call outcomes.
When human intervention is appropriate, PlexxusAI initiates a warm handoff by intelligently routing the call based on verbal responses and keywords. Calls may be directed to the health plan’s internal team or the system may leverage the power of FutureRx’s mobile app to escalate outreach to one of thousands of qualified pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, doctors, nurses, and CSRs to complete the interaction. Once calls are complete, the system properly documents interactions based on responses and outcomes, ensuring full compliance with CMS requirements.
PlexxusAI is the first and only healthcare technology to use the power of Generative AI to close care gaps without human intervention.
  • Protects and improves Star ratings by ensuring compliance with HRA/MTM deadlines for completion of beneficiary and prescriber interventions, annual CMRs, and quarterly TMRs.
  • Dramatically increases a health plan’s capacity to reach members without the expense of expanding internal staff regardless of call volume, thereby eliminating thousands of wasted resource hours and dollars.
  • Provides a high-touch, member-centered assessment/intervention experience – bringing in trusted providers when appropriate – to improve member medication adherence, care engagement, and plan satisfaction.
  • Offers an innovative new business model under which FutureRx providers are only paid if PlexxusAI requires them to successfully close care gaps with members.
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