FutureRx Customers

FutureRx is designed to serve the unique needs of many different lines of business with the common purpose of reclaiming control of the administration of their pharmacy benefit and bringing the management of it in-house.

Private Health Plans

Health Plan executives are constantly under pressure to control costs and keep up with competitors, often starting at a disadvantage. Some are adept at the business side, and some bring a vast knowledge of the pharmacy world. But the healthcare ecosystem is constantly changing. With emerging information, new regulations, swift changes in treatment plans, it can be overwhelming.

FutureRx harnesses the knowledge and power of best-in-class industry professionals to help you navigate the complexities of pharmacy benefits management. Whether you need help with the latest rebates or have questions about how to better track and serve your members, we are here to show you the way.

Large, Private Employers

HR executives know the current one-size-fits-all PBM system is broken. They know that trying to shoe-horn solutions into the framework of a few offered plans means that someone is going to be disappointed. Either the company deals with the added cost, or your employees miss out on needed benefits.

With the FutureRx, your company will no longer be saddled with limited PBM offerings to choose from. Now you can customize your offer to fit your unique organization. The platform puts the control back in your hands and allows you to build benefits and programs that coincide with your needs, instead of the needs of your current PBM provider.

Government-Sponsored Plans

Anyone that has ever tried to navigate government-sponsored anything can tell that is fraught with red tape and dead ends. Compliance is the name of the game, but the problem is the rules keep changing. Be it Medicare or Medicaid compliance, FutureRx makes government-sponsored plans simple and easy to manage.

FutureRx has designed intuitive and research-based software that keeps compliance up to date without requiring additional resources from providers. Our industry is complicated enough with constantly emerging technologies and treatments. Ensuring you are compliant is the last thing you should have to worry about. With FutureRx™ you can focus more on cost control and drug delivery.

Health Systems

Until now, Health System CEOs and CFOs were forced to deal with the fact that PBMs are owned and operated by the largest health plans. This can result in independent providers being left to fend for themselves, and they may become uncompetitive in the market. FutureRx puts control back into your hands. Our system provides greater control over customer data and the capital commitment, without having to rely on big health plans.

Start-up PBMs

Any start-up can be difficult to get off the ground, but a start-up PBM can at times seem impossible. You must maintain control of your data, ensure your ratings are favorable and keep costs down, all while trying to compete in the marketplace.

FutureRx has navigated these waters ourselves, and we are eager to share our knowledge with you. We will help you gain control of your data, your costs, and your pricing. We will simplify the process and most importantly, we will be there to see you through the growth whether that’s launching fully functional on Day One, or pursing an incremental process over time.

Brokers and Third-Party Administrators

Entities working from the outside in, like brokers and third-party administrators, are in desperate need to develop the best tools available to solve issues, broker a sale or execute a business plan. Up to date customer data and analytics can mean the difference between a sale or a pass, a solution, or a larger problem. Regardless of your level of involvement, FutureRx™ solutions offer more control, better data, and the helping hand of a group of people that have seen it all. Whether it is personalized service or flexibility in designing solutions, FutureRx™ can provide what you need, no matter the level of involvement.