The PBM Model Quandry

With traditional PBMs today, customers experience:

Furthermore, 80% share of the PBM Market is controlled by Health Plan owned/operated PBMs — so your health plan could be financially supporting your largest competitors.

The Need for a Different
PBM Model.

The delegated model for services provided by a traditional PBMs is not aligned with today’s Health Plan marketplace. The solution is a new business model, where you “own” your PBM – giving you back control and increasing stakeholder equity.

Be Your Own PBM.

You could buy (or merge) with an existing PBM to “own” your PBM, but that is expensive. Or you could internally build one over time, but that would take about 3-5 years and it would be distracting and time-consuming.

The fastest, easiest, and most efficient way is FutureRx.